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Money hungry lawyer of Nashville -Michael Hoskins

Lawyers are representative of clients or a neutral third party, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice.

There are over twenty seven thousand lawyers in Tennessee where population is about six million and number of families about 2 million.  Considering these numbers there are not many jobs available for lawyers in Tennessee.  It means each lawyer on equal base of distribution should have about 50 to 60  clients a year.  But this is based on equal distribution of cases requiring a lawyer which is not the case at all.  So, how would a lawyer could survive if not working for a law firm.

Finding a client is hard in such tight market therefore there are lawyers who do not perform well, lack enough knowledge of the law or understanding the court and residing judge.

One of those lawyers is Michael Hoskins a Nashvillian lawyer.  A lawyer that loves to join the elites but lacks manners and etiquette, a lawyer that lacks knowledge of law and the courtrooms but is ego reaches farthest planet in our galaxy.

Michale Hoskins is one of those lawyers whose invoices are also extremely padded and charges for the work he has not done or creates work that is not needed or required by the court in defense of his client.

Michael Hoskins is a struggling lawyer but has found a solution that is unethical but he continues to do it.  Simply, he is charging the client for what is not needed or exaggerates the number of hours he worked on the case.  Michale Hoskins also is one of those lucky lawyers who has found the crystal ball enabling him to see the ruling of judges in advance.

Michael Hoskins is a type of lawyer that would charge you a retainer of 3000 dollars for a simple moving traffic violation. And that is just the beginning.

Michael Hoskins is a type of lawyer that would charge you for the time he did not spend on your case twice and if he could possibly more. For example, he would prepare the case in court and charges you for that and time spent in court plus additional time that he did not spend on the case.

He is a lawyer who lacks code of ethics, and professionalism. If you are looking for a crock you could hire him but make sure you do not give him a blank credit card.

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