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Sex. Drugs. Alcohol. Corruption. P.J Tobia. Liz Garrigan. Yuri Cunza.

Sex. Drugs. Alcohol. Corruption. P.J Tobia, Yuri Cunza, and Liz Garrigan. Three Musketeers. The recipe for disaster

Companies are people. People run the company. People decide how to run a company.

Newspapers are more than ink on paper. Newspapers are the source  of a well researched verifiable, accurate and reliable and independent news writing the facts  before it is  conveyed to its reader.  We live in America where we expect to read or hear the truth, where we place trust on those newscasters we invite to our living room at six o’clock in the afternoon or read their articles in the morning papers.  We who live in a free world believe that the source of the  news and those who report them are honest, decent, and truthful.

The idea of free press may not exist in third world countries such as Libya, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and many others where reporters write are imprisoned or puppets of governments and write what their government authorizes them. Far from the truth. But you  should not go far to find one of these  in your own backyard… Nashville Scene a local weekly tabloid that was run by Liz Garrigan. P.J Tobia and Yuri Cunza who was not even an employee of the publication. The three MUSKETEERS.

The role of media is so important in our society that our forefathers granted freedom of press in the constitution.  There are great, dedicated, honest, decent respectable journalists such as Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings, Dian Sawyer and many others including Bob Woodward, and Karl Bernstein who have disclosed the deep secrets of Watergate which resulted in resignation of Late President Nixon.

Comes now, in your backyard, P.J Tobia and Liz Garrigan former  reporter  and editor of Nashville Scene respectably and the third non-employee member – Yuri Cunza – “THREE MUSKETEERS.”

Yuri Cunza an admitted criminal, producer of porn movies, one who has offered unethical incentives to a federal government employee to dismissed a case, lifetime president of Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce  who needed someone to clean his dirty laundry finds P.J Tobia a newcomer in town and Liz Garrigan his boss.  These individuals planned to destroy or damage reputation of anyone that would stand in their way or challenged their moral ethic or evil intentions.  They did it and left town.

There are numerous respected  individuals who have come forward and reported that Yuri Cunza has threatened their standing in the community -“I will tell my friends at Nashville Scene to write damaging articles about you- don’t fool with me.” This has been confirmed by several former employees of the publication.

P.J Tobia was a second-class mediocre writer who had been fired from every publication finds his way to  Nashville Tennessee to be hired by Nashville Scene. He  previously wrote about how find and buy a pizza or how an elephant would have sex with another elephant. See attached documents.

These two needed the blessing of  a third person who would assign, sign on and approve whatever P.J Tobia was asked to write by his friends regardless of the truth. That person was Liz Garrigan.   This is a  recipe for conspiracy or a Coup d’état .  Its doubtful that any honest, decent, reputable journalist would never dream of doing it except a team of  corrupted and despicable reporters and writers whose personal interest commes first and is being threatened or  jeopardized.

Today,  Liz Garrigan lives in a very elegant flat  in an exclusive area of Paris, France, P.J Tobia has disappeared from Nashville since he was hit with several law suits for writing false articles about Michelle Peacock, Anthony Lucas and a few others.  He is reportedly living in La Jolla one of the most exclusive and expensive cities of San Diego and Yuri Cunza has been traveling around the world frequently.  Yuri has recently returned from Italy after visiting several cities  which are known for its infamous residents – Mafia.

P.J Tobia an employee of Nashville Scene traveled and spent time in Afghanistan supposedly  to write about the war.  However he has filed his report as an independent or freelance  reporter with several newspapers.  The authenticity of his articles and his motive of going to Afghanistan should be  questioned. He has previously written false, unfounded and damaging articles about well respected individuals such as Juan Borges a law enforcement officer,  local chancellors, a well respected judges, Anthony Lucas and advertising executive,  members of local political group, Robert Chavez a Hispanic Businessman and former vice president of Tennessee Hispanic Chamber of Commerce a competitor of Yuri Cunza, Michelle Peacock a dancer who won her case in court and many more. Why should he write the truth aboout the soldiers in uniform fighting in the harshest climates to protect our freedom.

This is a shame. How could a despicable reporter places his own interest above the facts.  If you check Nashville Scene or P.J Tobia’s articles you will discover that P.J Tobia or the publication has never written any derogatory article about any of his friends such as admitted criminal Yuri Cunza, Gregg Ramos, John Lamb or many others.   In fact you will discover numerous complementary articles praising  them.What makes his afghan article any different. He did not write the truth before  why should anyone trust him now.

Afghanistan is where supply of opium is abundant, easy to find at every street corner and cheap to buy because it is grown and harvested locally.  P.J Tobia, a freelance reporter/writer was in Afghanistan for weeks and months supposedly to write about the war for different publication.  But what was his real motive that he decided  go to Afghanistan. An advertising and assertive journalist would Libya, Syria, Egypt where revolutions are taking place and people are fighting to kick the dictators out. But he chose Afghanistan.

Yuri Cunza is the self-appointed and lifetime president of an organization called Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce a none profit organization. This organization is known as reported and described by members or attendees is a place to mingle with people to find a date or to have a few drinks and good time. There are rarely any Hispanics attending these networking events.  The chambers funds are possibly small grants, membership dues and some from events which could not support appetite of  Yuri Cunza to visit Hooters and nude bars every night, travel around the country and world and live in luxury. But Yuri Cunza does. Perhaps the business of making porn movie is lucrative or is he be a mule delivering goods to Italy.

Nashville Scene is a weekly tabloid that its readers do not find any useful articles about sports, local or international news, health care or any other subject. It is a free weekly tabloid that offers not much of anything to read.  Articles are about restaurant, ads, concerts, how to find a lover and other trashy and worthless junks.  It’s the advertisers that support the publications existence. This publication could not afford to pay its reporters or editor a salary large enough to support such a lavish life styles nor these people are born in wealth or are winners of a multi-million dollar lottery ticket.

Today, Liz Garrigan lives in a very elegant apartment in Paris, P.J Tobia has disappeared since he was hit with several lawsuits for damaging and the false articles he wrote about people.  P.J Tobia  is reportedly living in La Jolla, California one of the most expensive and exclusive areas of San Diego. Yuri Cunza has been traveling around the world frequently.

How could these three individuals such as Yuri Cunza with limited income from the only source- Nashville area Hispanic Chamber travel around the world, Liz Garrigan to live in a very expensive luxury flat  in Paris, France  and P, J Tobis in an elegant house in  La Jolla California where one or two million dollars could buy you a an average house there?

Connect the dots. You decide.

Sex. Drugs. Alcohol. Corruption. Liz Garrigan. P.J Tobia. Yuri Cunza. Three Musketeers.

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