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Kashef, born in a terrorist family, an Iranian criminal escapee

Reporter is responsible to write a balanced, well researched, and independently verified report. They are considered to be members of a sacred profession who would disseminate the facts.   But amongst the honorable journalist there are a few exceptions. One of them is P.J Tobia former writer/reporter of Nashville Scene conspires with Kashef, born in a terrorist family, an Iranian criminal escapee.

He has reportedly offered incentives to Kashef   so called his reliable source of the story to damage reputation of  Anthony Lucas.  However P.J Tobia has failed to provide any documentation or proof to support or substantiate the story he wrote. So, lets find out who this Kashef character is.

Mohamed Housein Kashef Moubarakeh, Amir Kashef Moubarehek, Arash Kashef Moubarekeh, Nargess Khoudabanheh lou four individuals who have come to the United States and remained here.

From the onset these individuals lied to the consulate of US Embassy in Turkey when they submitted their applications to the officer of the embassy to obtain a B1 and B2 (tourist visa) to come to America for a visit.

According to the reliable sources Kashef had embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from various investors twice and planned to leave the country. Investors who expected to earn a good return on their investment received a bad check from Kashef.  Based on documents and evidence Kashef was in Turkey to pick up his passport to come to US while the investors and the government holding arrest warrants were looking for him.  He took their money estimated to be over 500,000 dollars and left the country and has not returned home.

Investors soon realized they were holding worthless checks.  Their attempt to find kashef came to a sad realization when they found out he had left the country for America and had no plan to return. Writing bad checks is a major crime in Iran carries prison time therefore Kashef could stay nor can he return until he resolves the bad checks issue.

A tourist visa is issued to applicants planning to visit the United States temporarily and return home. The applicants such as Kashef had to provide solid documents such as a return ticket, an assurance that he would return to his native land, a financial statement, and job stability guarantee his position upon return and more.  Additionally his older son, Amir was about to join the  two year compulsory military in Iran which makes it even harder to obtain a visa.  Adding all these factors to the equation it would make it impossible for anyone to qualify for a visa except if the applicant could prove to the consulate that he had over 500,000 dollars in his possession. He did have the embezzled money.

These requirements are applicable to any foreigner coming to American under those circumstances. Some may say Kashef was rich in Iran. Per his own sworn testimony he lived in a rental house and his family lived in a house that was owned by Lucas’s family for free.  He also said ” under oath – “I was making 2,000 dollars a month working for an electrical company”  nor was he born in a rich family. Indeed he has stated under oath that grew up in a family whose were members joined one of the terrorist group recognized by the United States.

Kashef admitted having 14,500 and a return ticket upon his arrival in America. He stayed in Nashville for six months which exceeded the duration his visa permitted him.  This was in violation of terms of his visa. Simply he continued to live here illegally. This is the same thing that terrorist groups did and destroyed the twin towers in NY in September of 2001 which killed over 3,600 innocent people. He also stated ” He established a bank account for his cousin who has never been in US, nor is she a US citizen. Could it be the source of transferring funds to terrorist groups.

He found a native of Pakistan who applied for his visa but they lied in the application in order to get the extension.  His application was pending until he called Anthony Lucas to come to Nashville to help him with his visa situation.

Triune Supermarket was purchased and Anthony Lucas signed on Kashefs and his families application in Atlanta in November of 2003 and withdrew his sponsorship in 2004 and fired Kashef for stealing from Triune Market.  Kashef, then makes up an electronic e mail alleging that Mr. Lucas asked him for a payment of one hundred thousand dollars.  First, the authenticity of the e mail is not verified, secondly the e mail is a business related and its subject is Triune not Kashef and thirdly it is not verified or authenticated by anyone expert or the server. All these are available in Rutherford County Court and here. Adding to all these there is an affidavit filed by Mr. Lucas stating that he did not author or cause to write the electronic e mail. These documents would prove that Kashef made up the story or he was paid for it.

From the beginning it was obvious that kashef was supplying the needs of his household from Triune Supermarket.  Kashef purchased a house, two cars, sent his son to MTSU and youngest son to high school while he was earning 7.50 an hour at the Triune Supermarket. He was fired for taking food, drinks money  from Triune.

Adding all these expenses any intelligent person would see the gap that exist between kashef’s income and house hold expenses.

It’s a fact that out of state tuition at MTSU is thousands of dollars plus books, his car, gas, lunch and more.  Amir Kashef was here illegally and classified as international students.  One should ask how did Kashef pay his son’s tuition and expenses if he only had 14,500 dollars upon his arrival  to the United States and lived on the same money and purchased properties.   Obviously there is a source of income that he had access to that was unknown to others. Is he engaged in money laundering, does he own a tree that grows money in his backyard, or engaged in criminal dealings? Or is the source the embezzled money from people.

Kashef has lied and manipulated numerous people and laws including the United States of America, State of Tennessee, count and city. He is from a family that supported a terrorist group (Moja Hedin Khalgh recognized by the US government), lied to the American consulate to obtain a visa, lied and produced false information to everyone. He even lied to Williamson beer board to get a beer license. And he lied about Mr. Lucas because he withdrew his sponsorship of kashef and his family. He lied because he was fired for taking food and drinks from the supermarket.

Kashef has to know that America is the land of rule and laws and individuals like him have no place to be in America. Of course he cannot return because upon his arrival at the airport in Tehran he will be arrested and placed in jail for the rest of his life for writing bad checks

He should also answer these questions;

1-How did he pay for his son’s out of state tuition for years

2-How could he buy three cars in one year while he was making 7.50 an hour at Triune Market

3-How could he buy a house if he has no income and no visa

4-Hod did he obtain a social security and drivers license

5-How did he become the owner of Triune recently

6-Did his son marry an American citizen in order to obtain a green card.

Its is time to have an  independent source should investigate Kashef, Nashville Scene, P.J Tobia and Liz Garrigan.









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