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A conversation with Anthony Lucas. He is “who he says he is”

After reading several articles (A conversation with Anthony Lucas. He is “who he says he is”) written by P.J Tobia former reporter of Nashville Scene we decided to investigate his truthfulness.  P.J Tobia is a middle-of-the-road writer that typically wrote about where to get a good pizza, Trio Gina and Creature Discomfort previously.  Investigative articles are beyond his expertise and require months of research and investigation through independent sources in order to verify the facts and its authenticity.  He has failed to do any of the articles he has written about people.

Our investigation revealed that P.J Tibia’s article was initially triggered and conceived immediately after a few of his friends, Yuri Cunza, John Lamb, Eva Melo and Gregg Ramos read the editorial about Mr. Lucas which was published by Nashville Business Journal titled “conversation with an executive in Spanish advertising.”

Anthony Lucas produced a copy of a lawsuit he has filed against P.J Tobia and Nashville Scene in Davidson County Court. He also produced court documents including two lawsuits against the key star of the article Housein Kashef Mobarekeh, a separate suit against Alba and the Production Company for her refusal to pay her debt, certificate of registration for Miss Latina Tennessee and Miss Latina USA issues by the State  of Tennessee and domains for both to names.  We also called on others including Mr. kashef to provide supporting documents but none did or refused to speak with us.

These documents provided by Mr. Lucas proves that Kashef is a criminal escapee from Iran for writing bad checks and collecting a total of nearly 500,000 dollars from different people a month prior to his departure to America. They also prove that Kashef lied and manipulated the consulate of the United States in Turkey in order to obtain a visa,  the judicial system of this country and the state of Tennessee to name just a few.

These sworn documents prove that Kashef intended to harm Anthony Lucas’s reputation because he was fired by Mr. Lucas for stealing from Triune Supermarket.  Kashef has also admitted under oath that he indeed took food, soda, beer  from the supermarket and did pay for them. Kahsef admits that he arrived in the United States with his wife and two grown children carrying only 14,500 dollars and holding a visitor visas valid only for a few months.

Our investigation shows that American Embassy will hardly issue a visitor visa to any family regardless of their country of origin because they believe such family does not intend to return to their native country and will be seeking employment in America even if its illegal. These laws are specially more restricted for Iranian citizens.

Additionally Kashef should come forward to convince everyone how he could have possibly lived on 14,500 dollars for  all these years, purchase a house, three cars, pay out-of-state tuition for his two sons studding at MTSU, and fraudulently buy a business in three short years.  Americans surely like to know how someone who lived here illegally and worked illegally, could accumulate so much wealth in a few years even though he was making 7.50  dollars an hour at the place of his employment.  Why should Mr. kashef  who grow up in a terrorist family as he admitted in his deposition open a bank account for his cousin who does not live here and has never stepped in this country. Is this account to be used for illegal activities?  Is it going to be fund a terrorist group?  What was his motive to open the account and how did he do it successfully?

Regarding the  ownership of names of Miss Latina Tennessee and Miss Latina USA…  Tennesseans should trust their system of government when  registering their house or car.  Such registration and issuance of certificates signed and stamped by the state  should constitute ownership. Any violation or unauthorized use of the car or entering any house is in violation of the laws of the state and punishable by the same laws. Otherwise there is no need to trust the system. P.J Tobia knew it but he lied.  Ownership of these documents could be verified with Tennessee Secretary of State.

When these certificates are issued by the state the same principle of laws of Tennessee and federal should apply to them.  The fact is either state did have the authority to issue these certificates to Anthony Lucas or it didn’t. If state did, then there has to be a protection and punishment for unauthorized use of the names by individuals such as John Lamb and Marjorie in order to make a profit and all profits made should be returned to the rightful owner of the names… Anthony Lucas.

Anthony Lucas has indeed produced the original certificates which proves he is the legal owner and holder of copyrights on both names. We verified them with the secretary of State of Tennessee.  But  John Lamb and Marjorie manipulated the truth and used the names to make a profit.  Indeed John Lamb possibly a puppet of Gregg Ramos a lawyer from Mexico knew that.  However Gregg Ramos has threatened to file suite against Anthony Lucas because being a none Hispanic is holding the rights to those names.

Entrepreneurship is what makes America a great place to live in.  Articles that P.J Tobis has written not only are not verified independently but they also question the basic freedom of entrepreneurship or vision of Americans who are inventing or discovering new ideas, new frontiers or solutions that would enhance our lives.

Why would Nashville Scene have the right to question another publication, creativity of someone or business of individuals or companies?  If you let them question Anthony Lucas, Juan Borges and a few others today  it could be you tomorrow.  As a reader you can not allow that to happen. And you can stop that by not advertising in Nashville Scene.

Are P.J Tobia or Nashville Scene experts in Spanish advertising and marketing?  Did P.J Tobia and his publisher really investigated all the facts or did they write what was asked of them. What business of Nashville Scene or P.J Tobia is it to interfere in our way of living or business dealings especially when they’re no complaint pending against the business, no crime is committed or laws are broken. If there was any crime P. J Tobia would have certainly made it bigger. But there is none.

How could Yuri Cunza an admitted criminal dare to brag about his influence and the power he holds over Nashville Scene, its editor  Liz Garrigan and P.J Tobia.   Is he capable of black mailing them?  Would he disclose the deep hidden secrets of  their lives. What is the hold????

We have also received an independent verification that John Lamb called, Eva Melo, P.J Tobia,  Gregg Ramos and a few others to meet to discuss the article written by Nashville Business Journal name Anthony Lucas an expert in Spanish advertising.   P.J Tobis was asked to write one his infamous untrue articles he has previously written about Juan Borges a police officer and many others.  We have also seen documents including threatening e-mails that Jon Lamb has sent to Anthony Lucas.  One of this e-mail threatens Anthony Lucas with a laws suite if he used the names of Miss Latina Tennessee that he legally owns.

Gregg Ramos has told Anthony Lucas over lunch at the Amergo Italian restaurant  ” state owes me a judgeship position – it has to be offered to me on a silver platter.” I am not going to run for it. I have earned the F’n position.  Perhaps Gregg Ramos should realize that he lives in America not in Mexico where his family is from.  He should realized they came to this country illegally as he said.  He should read the and learn the constitution of  the United States of America — the government of the people by the people and for the people?  Not by Gregg Ramos.

Why should Gregg Ramos a workman’s compensation lawyer who does not even represent Hispanics make such statement, expect if he would receive special treatment.  He would not even qualify for the bench as some of the former judges have mentioned.  Should he receive special treatment because he is Hispanic and knows how to use the race issue to benefit.  When was the last time he went to Mexico… Does he even speak the language fluently.  Should he threaten to file suite against people for no reason because they are none Hispanic.  An would he be Gregg Ramos had he not married an American song writer. Did he marry her for her talent. money or GREEN CARD.

Records show and individual respected Hispanic have confirmed that Anthony Lucas has raised nearly thirty thousand dollars to help Hispanics  to pay for their school tuition. Could these self appointed leaders come forward and match what Anthony Lucas has done for Hispanics.  If they believe in being a Hispanic – then they should start acting like one.  Perhaps its time put up or shut up.

In almost every article P.J Tobia is written he talks about his “sources”   If you read several of his past articles you will realize that there  is a pattern of lies and deceit in every single of them. The fact is, there is no source. This is the production of his lies and deceit.  They are all lies.  His former female friend has come forward confirming that.

P.J Tobia writes “he is not who he says he is” but again fails to provide any documents to support his claim.  A good, honest and true reporter has to provide undeniable proof, check his story with several independent sources and verify them. In this case he should have researched the government of the United States data base and the fact that  America does recognize dual citizenship.  But again P.J Tobia again did not want to write the facts because he was asked to write lies. He knew he did not have a story but he had every intention to misrepresent the facts and damage reputation of people.

Or is it all about conspiracy to run Anthony Lucas out of Nashville.  They have said it repeatedly -Anthony Lucas is a none Hispanic, he is  knowledgeable in Spanish advertising and marketing but we do not want him here.  Would it be true because Anthony Lucas’s knowledge economically hurt the pocket book of  individuals such as Eva Melo, Yuri Cunza, Marcela Gumez and others who lack the expertise in the field but are under protection of Gregg Ramos and John Lamb. Is speaking a few words of Spanish inadequately a license to call yourself marketing and advertising expert.  We called Eva Melo because several advertisers including Salvador Guzman and Jack able marketing director of Music City Auto Racing fired her because of her lack of knowledge in marketing. She did not return our call.

P.J Tobia has left town since he was personally hit with numerous lawsuits by Anthony Lucas, Michele Peacock and others. The suits have also named Nashville Scene as a defendant.   There are numerous lawsuits pending against Kashef in several courts including criminal charges. One of the courts has recently awarded Anthony Lucas more than 97,000 dollars in damages to be paid by Kashef the criminal escapee from Iran and the star witness of the article.  Kashef has admitted under oath that the e-mail in question is not authenticated, verified by anyone  expert and is directed to Triune not him personally.  It is a fact the electronic mail is a business letter directed to Triune. These records are provided under oath and are filed with the court house.

If the article is truthful, then Anthony Lucas or Michele Peacock should have not dared to file a lawsuit against both the publication and P.J Tobia.  No one in his right mind would really want to file a lawsuit because it is time consuming and expensive. But when someone files a suite it certainly proves and creates doubt about the truthfulness of the article.  It also proves that there is more to the story than we have been told.

Perhaps these are the ingredients of a conspiracy to destroy reputation of honest, reputable, decent and hard working people by a mediocre and corrupt reporter and Nashville Scene trashy tabloid? How could you stop the lies… Stop advertising with them. Another trashy and corrupt reporter could target you and your business. You decide.

We have called other parties but they refused to make any comment or did not respond. Regarding P.J Tobia and his former editor – they have left town and refused to participate.


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